Driving sustainable water management by developing ecologically effective urban drainage networks

The 3rd Annual Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Middle East Conference will take place from 28 - 29 March 2016 in Doha, Qatar, providing a platform for stakeholders to get valuable insights into current and emerging urban water infrastructure projects in Qatar and across the Middle East region. The conference gives you direct access to infrastructure project decision makers so you can understand their challenges, review what solutions are required and identify opportunities for your business. 

Project owners, consultants and contractors who are working on drainage and sewerage projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE, will meet prospective vendors to review solutions across multiple product categories and decide what best meets their needs. The evolved 2016 edition will expand the focus beyond just city drainage networks, bringing together water infrastructure planners, regulators and technology providers to drive sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) implementation and accelerate the region's transition to greener cities.

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Why you should attend:


Be the first to hear about upcoming projects and tenders involving SUDS implementation


Discover regulatory updates and government plans with regards to sustainable urban infrastructure development


Discuss the growing groundwater issue and ways to resolve it


Learn about innovative flood management and prevention measures


Examine existing and emerging technologies and solutions for SUDS implementation and maintenance

Topic Highlights:


Water sensitive urban design


Stormwater and wastewater management practices


Urban hydrology and sewer systems processes


Data modeling and drainage systems control


Impact of climate change on urban water infrastructure


Flood risk analysis and forecast


Surface runoff quantity and quality control


Water capture and re-use techniques


Emerging technologies for SUDS implementation and performance control

Who should attend?


Government Agencies

Consultants involved in drainage, sewerage, utilities, water infrastructure, urban planning

International water associations and research institutes


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